Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beans For Brains

Today while I was whining about being broke and not being able to afford to move out my mom had one word for me Scholarships. So while I took a BIG little break from studying for my physics test tomorrow-yuck!!!- I did a mini scholarship search. On one of the major scholarship search sites I saw the title "Beans for Brains" and knew that looked familiar. Yes, Jimmy Beans Wool is yet again doing their scholarship, but this time the winning dollar amount is much, much higher! I knew there was a reason I did not win last year. Haha. The due date is April 1st, so I have some serious knitting to accomplish in that time.

About three years ago I decided I would make the Military Style Jacket. I bought the yarn, did a test swatch and dove in. I got about ten rows in and lost my place. I did this twice. I hated that thing, so I put the yarn in my closet and forgot about it. Until now! I have decided to retry this thing, but with some modifications.

First, I am going to dye my yarn. It is a not-so-pretty brown color and I don't like it. I'm going to try to use RIT dye to get it a more navy blue color. Because it is a medium brown color I'm not sure how well dye will take, but I can hope and cross my fingers!

Second, the jacket is too big for me. The smallest size would not be flattering at all on me. I need to take it down about five more inches, so this will be an interesting endeavor for me.

Thirdly, this jacket has cables up the wazoo! They're EVERYWHERE! I need to take a closer look at the pattern, but I'm thinking that I will switch one of the cable patterns to be a DNA-looking one. It would be so cool!

I''m planning on dyeing it next week, and if all is successful be on the lookout for a yarn dyeing tutorial!

P.S. Here's my "loser" sweater. It lost in the 2010 Beans for Brains and the State Fair. I still love it, though!



  1. That will be a great sweater when you're done. You'll have to tell us how that dye job goes. I've never tried dying yarn.

  2. Thanks! I will let you know. I've done kool-aid dyeing before, but don't konw how well that would last after a few washings.

  3. Good luck with your endeavor! Your non-winner sweater still is lovely, even if it didn't win. ;)