Friday, January 7, 2011

Summer Lovin'

I can't say that I am a lover of the summer, but I do like being able to go outside and play. I love to lay in the grass and spray my siblings with a hose. One thing I have had my eyes on for quite a while is a bathing suit like this. I've seen multiple people wear one of these, but this picture is of Martha Vickers. I kick myself in the behind because one time I was searching on Ebay and found a vintage pattern for this suit, but because it was about ten times too small I did not purchase it. WHY???? For some reason I was not thinking I could adjust it. Oh well. So now I am going to try to figure out some way to make something similar. Any suggestions?

A little side note. This does not look like it would hold up all that well in water, I think it would be more of a bikini romper. :]


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